Tell Chris Hipkins to leave our kids alone.

Charter Schools: An Overview

Charter schools play an important role...With the flexibility to develop new methods for educating our youth, and to develop remedies that could help underperforming schools, these innovative and autonomous public schools often offer lessons that can be applied in other institutions of learning...including in traditional public schools — Barack Obama

Since 2014, Kiwi parents have been able to choose charter schools that best meet their child’s needs and aspirations – at primary, intermediate and secondary school levels. These charter schools (formally known as Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua) offer parents a viable, high quality educational alternative to traditional state schools. They are independently operated, by charities, iwi and educational entrepreneurs, and state-funded - at the same level as an equivalent state school.

Over 1500 students, most of whom haven't done well in a traditional public school, have already taken this opportunity. The Government wants to rip this opportunity away from some of New Zealand's most vulnerable children.

Here are some of the great schools the Government wants to shut:

Vanguard Military School

Vanguard Military School is a school on the North Shore for Year 11, 12 and 13 students. It teaches the New Zealand Curriculum with a military ethos.

Rise UP Academy

The Rise UP Academy is a Christian-ethos full primary school (i.e., from Year 1-8) in Mangere, Auckland focusing on empowering Māori and Pasifika students.

Te Kōpuku High

Te Kōpuku High is a Māori-ethos high school in Hamilton with a dual emphasis on Māori culture and science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects.

Pacific Advance Senior School

Pacific Advance Senior School is a Pasifika high school in Otahuhu, Auckland which empowers Pacific students to excel in educational pursuits through Pasifika culture.